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TwonDon Tells Why Paradise Isn’t Free’

Jersey artist, TwonDon recently dropped his second EP, “Paradise Isn’t Free” with guest appearances from Dessy Hinds from Pro Era, DJ Relly Rell, and JAG. Covering a lot more ground than his first EP ‘Stay Golden’, Twon shares a lot more emotion, range, story-telling, and of course, lyrical exercise on this project. I got the opportunity to connect with TwonDon after he returned to U.S. from a business trip in Canada. He shared with me insight into his EP and why it’s so important.

What was the inspiration for Paradise Isn’t Free (EP)?
The inspiration for Paradise Isn’t Free came about when I started to realize all the sacrificing, commitment, investing, agony, and so on that, I’ve been enduring to achieve my goals and reach what I consider “paradise,” it doesn’t come free. I’ve put a lot on the line and hold the fate of a lot of others which is all good, but the journey to success comes with a price.
What do you hope listeners will take away from this project?
I hope listeners take a little bit of everything from this project, especially how it made them feel. I want them to feel everything in between of joy and hopefulness. I want them to be able to feel motivated from songs like “Successful” but also reminisce from songs like “Jennifer’s Song” you know? I want them to turn me up the loudest they can when listening to “My City,” or “Lately”. So it can take any and everyone all over, which I think is gold.
What was it like working with DJ Relly Rell and JAG?
I loved working with DJ Relly Rell. He’s all about the music like he just loves to create and be able to do what he loves. That’s just like me. It took me a minute to get ahold of him lol, but when I did – we made magic. Now with JAG, he has my respect forever (as well as Relly Rell and Dessy). I sent JAG the record over and he had it back to me I think in about two days. Flawless.
You have RIP Kenny on your cover, and in your social media, who is Kenny? What should we know about Kenny and why his passing resonates with you? 
Kenny was a good friend of mine, more like a brother. He was one of the people who were aboard from the jump.. since I started making music. He also made music.. we had met through FaceBook and just had a natural connection. I love(d) him to death and it was vice versa. I don’t want to speak too much more about it, honestly. But that’s my brother for life and every win is and will forever be his win as well. I know he’s guiding me from up top. Love you bro!
Were you on Shade 45? What was that like?
Shade 45 was super dope! I went up there with Smoke DZA to spit some bars.. great experience.
My favorite song is Successful. Can you tell me why you wrote this song?
That’s actually one of my favorite records as well. I wrote it because I felt like it’s a record we ALL NEED. We all have our days when we feel hopeless and overwhelmed (as I was when writing it) but we have to remind ourselves that it’s stressful but in the long haul its worth it. We gotta remind ourselves why we’re doing it, you know? That record will be EVERYONE’s reminder to keep pushing forward.. keep striving.. keep winning because even though Paradise Isn’t Free, it’s worth it.
Listen to TwonDon’s new mixtape below:

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