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Turning Fuel into Fire: Interview with Estelle

Writer’s Rap Ft. Estelle from Brittany Leigh on Vimeo.

A new Estelle has been born since we last experienced music from the cultural artist. After life learned lessons in her humble home in England, being reunited with her father at the age of 23, and a recent break-up with a man that couldn’t handle her ambitions, Estelle screams the ideals of a proud African-English women , who is comfortable in her own skin.

During the fifth Writer’s Rap, presented by Task Force Marketing and New Media Group in downtown Baltimore, Estelle shared her most personal experiences and motivation for her upcoming album, All of Me. During her interview with Hiphopcleopatra, Estelle explained the importance of learning from your mistakes, own misery, and turning that into fuel to do something great. She tells Hiphopcleopatra, first she is a human, then a woman, then a Black woman and she is proud.

On the album:
It’s a very real album, I was writing songs and was crying on them I was writing songs and was laughing on them, everything I did I wrote about…

On the 3 year gap:
…I went through so many different things, and I wanted to be a certain person and feel a certain way and everything was the exact opposite. I found myself dumbing myself down, I found myself giving money to people who didn’t need it…I start putting myself first and it took me a three years to do so.

On how to get out of a bad relationship:
The key is to take some responsibility and not blame it all on the other person. People often say well he did this and he did that but you let him do it… deal with it and move forward…We are not all victims, sometimes we are sometimes we aint…

Watch The Video for the rest of the interview

With a love of hip-hop and R&B pumping in her blood, Estelle has made her mark here in the US. Her 3rd studio album, “All of Me” which features the lead single, “Break My Heart” ft. Rick Ross, is set to be released later this year. According to Estelle, this album is raw, real, and full of passion.

Photos By: Sean Dackermann

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