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Three Secrets to Practicing Positive Thinking

“Damn right I like the life I live, cause I went from negative to positive.” – Notorious B.I.G.

Have you ever heard that creating positive energy can help you to create positive change? It’s natural to want to see positive change in our lives, but it may be unclear as to what this truly means or, how you should go about promoting positive change in your life.

Careful, negative or positive energy can affect how you feel and how productive you are that day. Some energies are stronger than others and can be easily felt, while others are more subtle. Those positive or negative vibes you feel are real and can provoke action.

Take for example, when you walk into a room you can easily feel the vibes that someone gives off. Nancy enters the room with an air about her, one that makes you tense up and anxious avoid her. Yet, when Paul enters the room it is the complete opposite. You actually are drawn to him throughout your meeting. Notice how Nancy’s negative vibes create angst in you, while Paul’s positive vibes create joy in you. We all know the Nancies and Pauls of the world, but which one are you?

Imagine if you gave off negative or positive energy and how it would affect how those around you feel. Donna Labermeier, author of The Healer’s Trilogy, and contributor to the Huffington Post says that everyone brings energy to the people around us, business partners, loved ones even strangers. “It would serve us all well to realize that the energy we radiate affects others’ lives,” Labermeier said in her Huff Post article.

After studying the effects of positive energy for quite some time, starting with the first DVD of “The Secret”, I become obsessed with being in control of my own emotions and feelings. I realized that being sad and angry versus happy and joyous is a choice. It is a choice to be responsible for your own emotions and the vibes that you put out into the world and affect positive change in your life. It’s that very mindset, that I am able to emit positive energy, daily.

The power of positive thinking can affect change your life and promote positive action. By practicing positivity you can minimize negative feelings and anything that encourages you to take negative actions.

While it’s a work in progress to be a positive person each day. It’s worth the change. Here are my three secrets to practicing how to be a positive person and how to start turning your life from negative to positive.

  1. Turn every negative thought into a positive thought. The next time you have a moment for Netflix and chill, consider watching “The Secret” to learn more about how your thoughts are vibrations working for or against you. Each negative thought that you put out there is a vibration that you put out in the universe and it comes back to you by the law of attraction.

    Let’s use an example. If you think you will never succeed at your dream job and you dwell on all the reasons why you will not succeed. (i.e. I didn’t do as well in school. Or, it’s too hard.) Then, that’s what will really happen. You will not succeed.

    According to James Clear, contributor to the Huffington Post on topics of behavioral psychology, negative thoughts have the power to make you narrow-minded and prevent you from seeing other options and choices that you may have to succeed.So in the moment that you have a negative thought. Immediately change that thought into a positive one. Immediately eliminate your doubt.

  2. Get your self a positivity partner and surround yourself with positive people. Researchers at Johns Hopkins confirm there is a strong connection between having a positive outlook and your health. In fact, the world’s leaders in healthcare, advocate for you to spend time with positive thinkers. Research shows that people who cultivate relationships with optimists usually feel better.

    Find one friend or loved one who you can trust and commit to doing daily or weekly positive affirmations with them. Practice sharing positive thoughts and feelings such as compliments and visions with this person. I recommend doing this in the morning before you start your day and see how it makes you feel over time.

  3. Change your diet to healthier options. Feeling foggy and unable to focus lately? For this, we usually say we have a lot on our mind, but what if the cause of your brain fog is actually all that’s going on in your gut? Research has found a link between gut and brain health. What we eat impacts our bodies in many different ways, but what we know for sure is eating poorly can have negative effects on the way our bodies function and how we feel.

    According to Mental Health America, high-fat dairy and fried, refined and sugary foods can increase the risk of depression. Eating healthier meals can naturally boost your energy, your mood, relieve stress and improve your overall mental health. So, think twice about that chicken box the next time you have a bad day.

Living with a positive mindset is not a simple switch. Like anything that you wish to be good at, it takes hard work and practice. The next time you feel drawn to a positive person, don’t avoid them for fear that their aura is inauthentic. Try finding out where they draw their positive energy from and where you can get a refill on yours.

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