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Positive Affirmation: Let Go of Excuses to Find Your Results

Growing up in Baltimore (or any inner-city for that matter) can leave you feeling like there are justifiable reasons for why you’re in the position you’re in or why you may have experienced failure. Living in Baltimore city for 22 years, I’ve learned that many Baltimoreans, including myself, are affected by the city’s failing school…


Positive Affirmations: Learn from your wins and losses

When you’re hustling hard toward your dream, you’re likely to encounter many ups and downs. Trust me, there will be many wins and many losses, but it’s what you do with them that will matter the most. In the last decade, I’ve won in my career and I’ve lost. I’ve won at love and I’ve…

Bars on The Bay King Los

How Bars on The Bay Boosted Baltimore’s Hip-Hop Culture with King Los

In the 8 years that I’ve been in this business, Baltimore has never had its own Hip-Hop festival before Bars on the Bay, a celebration of Baltimore’s Hip-Hop scene. On Saturday, July 15, Artist Compound in partnership with 66 Raw Radio brought King Los home along with AZ and DJ Doo Wop. Hip-Hop heads also…


Mixtape Review: Lonnie Moore Gives His Fans Nothin Less Than Fire

“Judging by the flows, I know they hear that wave coming.” – Good Drank Remix by Lonnie Moore, singer/songwriter, and lyrical artist. I was first introduced to Lonnie Moore while hosting the 2015 Loud Music Tour at Ottobar with PatisDope. My head was turned from the stage, but I remember that he gave such gave…


Lonnie Moore Drops 3 Remixes from Upcoming Mixtape, Nothing Less

  Here are three reasons why you should expect Nothing Less from Lonnie Moore. Lonnie Moore, one of my favorite artist from Baltimore, just dropped three fire freestyles from his upcoming mixtape, Nothing Less. Lonnie Moore killed Nicki Minaj’s “No Frauds”, Khalid’s “Location” and 6lack’s Prblms. “I want people to take away from these songs…

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