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HipHopCleopatra Most Memorable Moments In 2011 [Video Original] #Rewind2011

To my supporters: This past year has been one of the most moving years since the origination of the HipHopCleopatra brand in 2007. For four years I have carried this name [HipHopCleopatra] and for two years I’ve actually taken it seriously. From my original dream of exposing an underground, independent, movement of instrumental grinders to…


Chris Brown Says No Interviews In 2012

The blogs will loose one big source for page views this year as Chris Brown announces he will not be doing interviews in 2012. His manager, Tina Davis, tells told Billboard that he will not be doing any interviews in 2012: “He will concentrate on performing and recording. We’re not trying to be rude, selfish…


Bow Wow Announces 2012 “Underrated” Tour

YMCMB’s Bow Wow announces his “Underrated” Tour for 2012 in this promo video released today (Jan. 3). The visuals in the video show clips of Bow Wow’s former concerts and a close and personal statement from Bow Wow himself. Peep the vid.


Does The Obama Campaign Owe @YoungJeezy For The 2008 Election Win [Video]

In the 2008 Americans elected the first Black President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.  Also in 2008 Young Jeezy’s, “My President” hit single hit the airwaves  with lyrics that would change the youth voting score forever. Today fans look forward to Jeezy’s support of the Obama movement again with another epic dedication…

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