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Recap: God Money War Tour Lands in the Center of Baltimore’s Hip-Hop Culture #GodMoneyWar


Fourth of July weekend in Baltimore ended with more than a bang. RCA recording artist, King Los, brought his God Money War tour to Charm City Skate Park, with Damond Blue (Damond Blue Music Group, LLC) and Vdot Period (Kreww Records) as openers.

The God Money War event was full of authentic Baltimore arts and culture. It started with the vision of Larry Caudle (Build Brand Become, LLC) who reached out to Ronda Cox (RSVP Event Management) to put it all together. Caudle contacted Ronda after taking notice of her involvement in the Baltimore Spring Jam concert that was headlined by Damond Blue and Vdot Period.

“As we moved forwarded to this event, Larry reached out to me and asked if I would be apart of the planning of this concert,” Cox said. “Of course I said absolutely”.

Cox and Caudle worked closely to deliver a special event that emphasized the three main pillars of Hip-Hop. They wanted to create an experience where each attendee would be exposed to a casual blend of, visualized art, dance, and hip-hop music.


The Dance

The Bmore Than Dance troupe gave a stellar battle performance as members of the troupe, ranging in all ages, battled each other to the popular sounds of Baltimore’s own club music. The art of this sort of dance is called “Shake Off”, according to the troupe’s leader, Neek “Be Chilling” Laboo.

“This is the one thing that united our city. Before Kswift passed, she was the one keeping it alive for us,” Laboo said. “A lot of people don’t know that the music itself, the style itself started here in Baltimore.”


Aaron Maybin Paints Live during God Money War event

The Art

Visual artist and athlete Aaron Maybin, joined in the festivities with live painting and a display of some of his own pieces. In addition, Moe Bradford (Formerly known as Moe’s Art Designs) led the visual art presentation with a live painting during King Los’ performance. He painted three versions of Los using black and gray shades of color on a white canvas.


King Los and Larry Caudle perform live at God, Money, War tour in Baltimore. Moe Bradford painted a portrait of King Los during the Live set.

The Music

There were four artists who graced the stage that night. The show opened with one of Baltimore’s new comers, LMB Trelly, who won the Undaground Radar Magazine contest to be in the concert opening line-up.

“Big-ups to LMB Trelly, he got up there and did his thing,” Cox said. “I think it was just a good look to have new blood on the stage, to give them an opportunity that they don’t usually get to showcase their talents and I really commend Los and his crew for allowing that to take place.”

Shortly after, Kreww Record’s recording artist, Vdot Period, gave an amped performance showcasing his lyrical ability and energetic delivery. Not far behind him, Damond Blue, with hit single, “Let Me Talk My Shi*t”, really got live with the crowd as he shook it up by performing off the stage and in the crowd. Both artists were personable and approachable with the youth and fans throughout the night.

“Vdot and Damond Blue are complete gentlemen ¬— both are very humble. This is my first time meeting Los, [he has] the same spirit,” Ronda Cox, Event Manager said.

At the final hour, King Los takes the stage. As every head is looking high with pride at the man who really reflects the Baltimore experience, King Los chose to do something a little different. After delivering a passionate performance of “War”, he cuts the music and begins to speak.

“I didn’t make God, Money, War for myself. It ain’t personal. It’s really not about me,” King Los said. “It’s loosely based on things I see and understand, but it’s mainly about people who don’t have that understanding.”

King Los took the time to really speak to his people in hopes they would internalize his words and relate to this album.

“If ya’ll can’t hear these words, just let me know and I’ll cut the beat off… Ya’ll just need these words,” he said.

By the time the concert was over, we had heard some of the most thought-provoking lyrics of God Money War in a cappella.

King Los’s prelude album, God Money War is available for download and streaming everywhere. Get your copy today!

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