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Colada​ Teams up with TT The Artist & Might Mark for her Debut Single, Stupid.

Baltimore’s new songbird, Colada, gives sultry urban love ballads over hard hitting 808 drums on her debut single Stupid off of her forthcoming EP, “Colada’s Way”. In the videoColada portrays the moment we all can relate to upon meeting someone who is just that breathtaking.

“Stupid is about being so infatuated with someone that it clouds your mind and judgment. When writing the lyrics, I would replay the feeling and envision vignettes of someone I loved and being in a state of bliss whenever I am around them,” Colada said.

Colada worked with Baltimore Club music producer, Mighty Mark for the head bumping sound that complements her melody. The video was directed by TT the Artist, who is also an executive producer and AnR on her EP.

“I teamed up with rapper TT The Artist…she played the role of that one friend who has your best interests at heart. Creating the music video was just as exciting as writing the song,” Colada said. “TT The Artist directed and produced the video and was able to illustrate my visions and the love story I wanted to convey.”

TT The Artist, pulled in Cinematographer, Kirby Griffin ( who also worked on Jay Z’s 4:44), vintage wardrobe expert, Danyell Williams of Illicit Vintage and Al Rogers who plays a supporting role in the video.

“Colada is one of those artists who can vocally blend into any genre of music. When she played the track for me, it gave me a very classic r&b soul vibe and I thought it would be cool to add a role-playing element into the third verse which would translate well in the music video.”


Colada poses from a scene in her video, “Stupid”. Image was photographed by Kirby Griffin

I had the pleasure of meeting Colada at DJ Flow’s “Grow with the Flow” event, in which I was a guest speaker. The first impression of this songstress is that she knows what she wants and takes her music, her brand, and business very seriously. In a room full of artists, DJs, and entrepreneurs, Colada stood out the most. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure to connect with her about her music and her new single:

What was the inspiration for “Stupid” ft. TT The Artist
The inspiration for the song Stupid was me naturally being attracted to a guy who made my heart flutter and I wrote a song about it lol.

What do you hope listeners will take away from your music? 
I hope that listeners will take away the fact that love and good emotions still exist. How important communication is, and expressing your true feelings toward someone so that they know how you feel about them and not being afraid of rejection.

What was it like working with TT The Artist and Mighty Mark?
Working with TT and Mark was GREAT! I’ve known them for nearly 10 years and we have all genuinely grown as friends first. So, I knew that with this project that the two of them genuinely want the best for me and love me as a person and as an artist. It also was very fun during the creative process; to actually have created a visual from all the crazy emotional thoughts I had in my head–as well as the build-up of the actual body of work musically from the original idea of the song.

I immediately recognized the #Baltimore sound in your song, it was married well with the 808 drums. What was the inspiration for combining hard-hitting drums and “sultry ballads?”
That was all Mark!! lol Although I do produce as well, that was 100% him on the beat of “Stupid”. We are both from Baltimore, so its one of those things that’s kinda ingrained in you I guess…. I heard the beat and wrote to it after my “series of events” honestly.

Your EP will be dropped, what can you tell me about Colada’s Way?
My EP on 12/1 on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, and SoundCloud. Now that it’s out, we are consistently promoting it to get a bigger buzz on it. So far, the people that have heard it does genuinely love the song. This entire project “Colada’s Way” was written and produced by myself, Mighty Mark, and TT the Artist and I think we make a great team!


Colada’s Way is now available for fans to enjoy. Peep the tracklisting below:

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