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Positive Affirmations: Learn from your wins and losses

When you’re hustling hard toward your dream, you’re likely to encounter many ups and downs. Trust me, there will be many wins and many losses, but it’s what you do with them that will matter the most.

In the last decade, I’ve won in my career and I’ve lost. I’ve won at love and I’ve lost. I’ve even won in business, and I’ve lost.

Sounds depressing, I know. But, understand why it’s actually a good thing.

This week, my positive affirmation is “I will grow with my wins and learn from my losses.” Here’s the video in case you missed it:

Each time I enjoy a win, I reflect on what caused me to succeed in that moment. I do this in hope that I can recreate what worked and/or apply what learned to grow. If I’ve had a successful event, I immediately identify what worked and what didn’t work, so I can eliminate what did not work and remember what did. The next event would be better.

Each time I suffer a loss, I know it can be a teachable moment. I remember bombing a job interview straight out of college and feeling so disappointed. But, when reflected on what had actually happened, I realize much of it was my own lack of preparation and I learned a valuable lesson from that failed interview.

Remember, while you’re trying to secure your bag, know that you will enjoy some wins and suffer some losses. It is what you choose to take from the moment that will matter most.

This week’s positive affirmation was inspired by Meek Mill’s new album, Wins and Losses, now available on Tidal. If you’re interested, take a listen below:

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