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Positive Affirmation: Let Go of Excuses to Find Your Results

Growing up in Baltimore (or any inner-city for that matter) can leave you feeling like there are justifiable reasons for why you’re in the position you’re in or why you may have experienced failure. Living in Baltimore city for 22 years, I’ve learned that many Baltimoreans, including myself, are affected by the city’s failing school system, drug-ridden streets, desolate neighborhoods and disproportionate justice system or lack of access to food. Some would say it’s worst than what’s is actually depicted on the news.

But, I say that is still not an excuse for failure or giving up.

If we allow ourselves to become victims of our environment, or victims of what is going on around us, with family, friends or at work, then we allow life to happen to us instead of living life in control. When we indulge in excuses, we miss opportunities, we lose money, we end relationships, and leave broken dreams unfulfilled. Excuses are dangerous for those reasons, but more dangerous when you start to believe them.

“No successful leader or entrepreneur makes excuses for their inaction or action gone wrong, they make things happen regardless of the situation or circumstance.” Adrienne Dorison, Huffington Post.

Excuses allow to blame your lack of results on someone or something else. If you find yourself giving reasons, or excuses as to why you cannot achieve your goal, consider changing how you look at the circumstance. Consider changing your mindset.

Today’s motivation is about letting go of your excuses and changing them with positive affirmations. Retrain your mind to avoid excuses and attract positive outcomes in your life. Here’s today’s positive affirmation:

” I will let go of excuses and see my results.”

So how do you do this? How do you let go of your excuses? Well, you have two choices. You can stay in the state of disappointment and self-pity or, you can get up and do. You can plan.

Here’s how I let go of excuses:

  1. Create a plan to get ahead. How many times do you set good intentions for your day and at the end f the day, nothing that you set out to do was accomplished. One way to stop allowing the day to get away from you is to create a plan. We plan trips, we plan dates, we plan weddings, but we do not plan our lives. Create a plan for what you want to do.
  2. Create a list of affirmations to retrain your way of thinking. When I wake up thinking about what I want to do for the day and doubt enters my mind, I immediately replace the thought with an affirmative statement of why I have no excuse. An example would be this:
    Task: I want to get this marketing plan done.
    Doubt/Excuse: I have a ton of things to do today and I probably won’t get to it because I will run out of time.
    Affirmation: As I plan out my day, I will MAKE time for the marketing plan, but making it a priority. 
  3. Take your dreams serious and actually do what you said you’re going to do. Excuses don’t help you get anything done. In fact, they just build mountains of more excuses. The one thing that is for sure is when you actually do what you say, you let go of excuses and you feel good when you deliver on your promises. You must have a “by any means necessary attitude” about what it is you want to do. Take your tasks seriously and move with purpose. When people see that you take your stuff seriously, they’ll take you seriously.

To let go of excuses, you need to be willing and ready to work, and to work hard. It’s that simple. How do you plan to let go of excuses?

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