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Mixtape Review: Lonnie Moore Gives His Fans Nothin Less Than Fire

“Judging by the flows, I know they hear that wave coming.” – Good Drank Remix by Lonnie Moore, singer/songwriter, and lyrical artist.

I was first introduced to Lonnie Moore while hosting the 2015 Loud Music Tour at Ottobar with PatisDope. My head was turned from the stage, but I remember that he gave such gave an energetic performance that I had to turn around and rock out with him.

It’s rare that you see such stage presence from an independent MC, but was what stunned me was that his voice gave so much soul to his lyrics and so much meaning to the music. His sound was authentic.

Lonnie Moore on the Layers  Tour with Royce Da 5’9 in 2016. (Photo: @LonnieMooreMusic)

After the event, I went back and listened to his first two projects HD Dreams and HD Dreams 2 (which were both free albums of original music) and researched as much information on this guy that I could find. Since, I’ve followed Lonnie Moore’s music career for the past two years, watching him tour with Bryson Tiller and Royce Da 5’9 in summer 2016 and murder Coast 2 Coast Live shows in between. Over the past two years, I’ve become a fan of his music and of his grind.

So, it came as no surprise to me that his third project, Nothin Less is a “jacking for beats” hit! As I listened to the project, I know I’ve heard the songs before, but every song sounds original. In this tape, Lonnie gave his fans more than dope freestyle covers, he gave a new meaning to the remix.

“Some people just fly the hook. Me personally, as an artist I like to get a true feel for the song that I’m remixing, so I like to recreate every aspect of it,” Lonnie told me in a brief interview. “I only recreate it to add my own flare as an artist, so I stand out as a creative independent.”

If you’re a true Hip Hop or music enthusiast, you can hear the difference when an artist, rapper, in particular, lays a fire freestyle over a beat versus an artist who lays his/her sauce on the beat. When you listen to the Nothin Less tape track by track, you can hear the difference.

“[In this tape], I’m flipping shit. I’m putting melodies where they don’t need to be, certain vocals, certain ad libs where you don’t expect them to be at. I like making records my own,” Lonnie said.

Nothin Less is full of you remixes of your favorite hits from Hip Hop’s elite such as Kendrick Lamar and 2Chainz, R&B newcomers like Khalid and Pop stars such as Ed Sheeran. Some of my favorite remixes are Good Drank, Problms, Location, Devastated and Shape of You.

Listen to Lonnie Moore’s Nothin Less mixtape below and tell me what you think.

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