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@ImGuyana Dishes on Woman In Hip-Hop, Working With Trina, Bryant McKinnie And Shouts Out @theeLola Monroe

In a recent interview with HipHopCleopatra, B Major Group’s first lady Guyana gets personal. The cultural Guyanese-American rapper/songtress, reveals what it means to be a female MC in this game. She talks about her journey to B Major Music group and working with Baltimore Raven’s superstar, Bryant McKinnie. Guyana also shares her perceptions on Trina and Lola Monroe’s work ethic and how she respect’s their grind.

On her Guyanese background and it  influences her music
Being from Guyana we have soka, reggae and these are things that I have added to my music 100%.

On how she compares to other Female Emcees and what makes Guyana different:
I don’t really compare myself to them but at the end of the day they’re all who they are and Im Guyana. I am me …What drives me, what inspires me, my creativity, thats one thing I have that they don’t and thats what makes me different.

On DMV Female MCs Advice:
All I can say is to keep grinding…eventually everything will fall into place

On Touring In Europe:
It was weird..It was a fun experience. It was a little boring because Europe is nothing like America. The Mcdonalds the Burritos just aren’t the same, [chuckles] but music-wise it was fun.

On how a group setting has prepared her for a solo artist career:
I’ve been in two groups, I was in RNB group and another with Trina called Pretty Money, which was rap group, but from each group I took so much, everybody brings something different and you take some things you like and you leave things you don’t like and you add it on to your own and it helps alot.

On Working with Trina
She is crazy in the studio. I love being around her. She is in there for as long as it takes… no sleep, no stop, and I love that about her. Her grind is relentless.

On how she began working With Bryant McKinnie:
He and Trina used to work together, and thats how I met him when I was with Pretty Money…I used to write hooks for his artist and we discovered that I could do a little more than just rap. He was interested in having me as a solo artist and I accepted.

On working with B Major Music Group
Oh You get to do you. When you are in groups or working under other people they try to dictate what you do…but working with Bryant, he lets us build them. Of when things get a little crazy [laughs] he reels us back in but he lets us express ourselves. Thats a very very important thing in music.

On upcoming projects:
I have a mixtape out now called, “Princess Guyana” I am working on the second mixtape, its untitled, which will be out the second week in January. This Mixtape I want to focus on me. This mixtape they gonna get a lot of me. Not the cliche’ ‘My money so long and my heels so tall. It’s about me and my perspective and how I see things.

HipHopCleopatra: You’re Mixtape should be called “I am Guyana”.

Guyana: Right, Girl I was really thinking that. Im bout to write that, tweet that, Hello. I like that a lot…I love this see this is females working together.

On how you have to be a female how have you pushed your way through the industry:
Considering I take my craft seriously I let that be known from jump. It’s your responsibility to remind them what you are here for and once that’s understood, things seem to be a little more on the equal side.

On The DMV:
Lola Monroe is from out there right? Yea she’s dope. There is no issue [In the DMV] its the grind. If everyone pays attention to Lola in particular, she’s a very good example coming out of that area. Her grind, that relentless grind like Trina, she has that. Lola is pretty and all that… but she takes her craft very seriously.

Advice to girls chasing their dreams:
You know I think I’ve said it a few times and i’m going to say it again. You have to believe in yourself, and you have to stay focus and you have to grind. It gets so difficult out here, sometimes being a woman…Stay positive while you’ll doing it and everything’s gonna be alright.

Get Up With Guyana on Facebook, Twitter and download her mixtape here.

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