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HipHopCleopatra Most Memorable Moments In 2011 [Video Original] #Rewind2011

To my supporters:

This past year has been one of the most moving years since the origination of the HipHopCleopatra brand in 2007. For four years I have carried this name [HipHopCleopatra] and for two years I’ve actually taken it seriously. From my original dream of exposing an underground, independent, movement of instrumental grinders to my thirst and love for the game 2011 has brought me much success that I am greatful for. Its without question that the continued support from the people of Baltimore and its elite grinders such as my big bro, Frank Johnson, my soror Gypsy Soul, bros at DMV Jams and friends at Radio One, have helped me make my dreams come alive. I can only image 2012 will be epic for us all.

As I continue pushing for the independent artist, and the everlasting battle to unite the DMV [Baltimore too] I offer a quick recap of HipHopcleopatra’s Most Memorable Moments In 2011. This is not to dwell in the past but to just give my readers a reminder of why I grind so hard and note that even when I seem to be silent, I’m still making noise. The video is a compilation of my, accomplishments (radio, Online, Freelance) never-before-seen as well as seen video interviews, photos, and old and new audio from 2011.

2011 was the year many people asked me, “Why did you choose the name HipHopCleopatra”? Well its simple, I thought it was a cool myspace name. 🙂 Actually the name developed a much more meaningful sound when I fell in love with the culture of Hip-Hop. One thing we must understand is that Hip-Hop is more than music, its a lifestyle. Many of the pioneers like DJ Kool Herc, Chief Rocker Busy Bee, Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash, weren’t making millions when it started, they were living and breathing a culture of love, peace, and happiness amongst the urban community. As the name HipHopCleopatra has been sanction by Busy Bee and Kool Herc themselves, I aim to bring that love back into hip-hop. It starts with efforts to unite our market and show love to those trying to catch a break.

Thanks To All My Continued Supporters.

“I am anything but just a blogger” – HipHopCleopatra

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