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Exclusive: Yo Gotti Dishes on Upcoming Tours, Avoiding Beef And Shouts Out Los

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite rappers, Yo Gotti. The king of Memphis visited Baltimore City and conducted an CD release signing at Downtown Locker Room (DTLR) in east Baltimore. The entire city camp out. Both men and woman screamed as Gotti made his entrance with swag to the max. The “Live From The Kitchen” spitter discussed how he keeps a female fan base, his mixtape and his favorite Baltimore rappers:

On Baltimore Artist
“Favorite artist from Baltimore, Los. Yea Los [is] my homeboy, he go hard. I think in just a minute the whole world gonna know about Los. My other homie Caddy the Don, I did a couple of records with him too. So I’m rocking with Baltimore.”

On January 10 out right before the album
“I found out my CD was coming out 2 weeks b4 it was coming out. So when I found out I went into the studio to and did a mixtape in 48hrs and because I know that’s the quickest way to get information to my fans…through mix tape. Then I knew it wasn’t gonna be that many songs on there and this is a way to give some more songs.”

On staying out of Rap wars/ Beefs
“Anybody that knows me knows we handle beef. We don’t talk back and forth with you. If you got a problem with us then you got a real problem. I don’t lot of rappers want real problems“

On keeping a female fan base
“I mean I’m a street dude. Street dude get money and rock with the baddest women. That’s naturally [chuckles] Everybody know girls like bad boys, it aint no secret. “

People always say how can you like Yo Gotti over so many other legendary lyricist in the game. It’s simple, he’s the realest. I am not just talking the realest rapper, or the realest N**** that actually lived the street life, no those are just pluses. I love Gotti because every time he visits this market to show love to the DMV, he is always so humble, courteous and patient. He show love to the fans ad the media and he truly understands how important it is t maintain a connection with the fans.  That is what I really admire about Yo Gotti’s work ethic and character. That is why he’s my favorite rapper.

Yo Gotti also mentioned that fans can expect a tour with him and Gucci Mane in the near future in addition to his CMG Tour that will showcase is artist Zed Zilla.


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