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Exclusive: Three Reasons Damond Blue is on a Fast Track to Mainstream


Damond Blue sat down with HipHopCleopatra during the God Money War tour at Charm City Skate Park, in Baltimore. He talked about building relationships with Jadakiss and Fat Trel, changing his mindset and overcoming the death of one of his best friends.

After chopping it up with Damond Blue and playing his latest mixtape on repeat for a week, there are three things we’ve uncovered about Baltimore’s next indie hip hop artist on the rise.

An Authentic Approach

When Damond Blue entered the room his energy spoke for itself. He handed out dap on the humble, spreading love and unity amongst the scene. He blended in with the rest of us, but still shined like a star.
Damond Blue’s modest candor stood out when he was in the green room, chopping it up with other artist, media and fans. But, more importantly it stood out in his musical stage presence. During his live performance, Damond blue jumped off stage and rocked with the fans from the floor —engaging them up close and personal.

And even in his music, you can hear a different side of the blessed rapper. His music is full of hardcore production from producers such as Baltimore’s own J.Oliver but reflects an adult perspective on the hustler’s lifestyle.

“The streets were cool, but its one way in and no way out. You’re either going to go to jail or you going to get killed,” Blue said.

Blue shed light on how the death of his best friend, Gregory “East-side” Wilson, was a game changer for him, leaving him more focused on the music and less focused on the street life and mentality.

“It just was something that put me in a stand, it let me know that life is real,” Blue said. “Somebody that I sat with everyday, talk to everyday, wake-up hit his phone and smoked a blunt with him everyday… passed away.”

Through lessons, Damond Blue is embracing his blessings and released a new project that reflects his inner self through transformation, change and growth. Although the project tells stories that Baltimoreans are all too familiar with, Blue’s project lets us know that he has grown from that familiarity.

“Some people have to go through lessons to get blessings,” Damond Blue said. “I wanted to gear the music towards that …I was giving myself basically. I was doing me.”


A Crazy Marketing Engine

Aside from building his network of credible artist, like Fat Trel and producers such as J. Oliver, Damond Blue heads a mean marketing engine. From the time of his release here is what we saw:

        • He rallied up mean features, which adds credibility to the brand and his image. In addition, he easily becomes highly regarded as one of Baltimore’s best-kept secrets. Some of his features on his latest project “Blessonz”, include Jadakiss, Fat Trel, Raheem Devaughn and King Los.


  • He capitalizes off of blog features and secured ad real estate. Blue was featured on sites such as Earmilk with over 400 shares, SOHH, Hot New Hip Hop which includes a back splash ad and Broadway World.



  • He has a solid social presence and engages supporters regularly. Blue has an active presence on sites such as Twitter (18.4K followers), Facebook (6,619 likes) , YouTube (200+ and 40k+ views) and Reverbnation.



  • From June 26th to July 4th, Blue opened for King Los on the God Money War tour, which gave him some added fuel for the turbo release of his mixtape.



  • He had a calculated timeline of events before dropping the project officially.
      • On June, 28th, blue released a commercial during the BET Concert aired on BET.


  • On July 4th, he dropped the official video to “Let Me Talk My Shit” ft. King Los on World Star Hip-Hop, earning him over 14K views. Not to mention, when we left the concert, I had a hard copy disc on my car. Everyone who attended the concert received a hard-copy disc of #Blessonz.
  • On July 7th he officially dropped his mixtape on Spinrella and received raving reviews.



  • He is hosting an official release event. To follow-up with a successful release, Blue will be hosting his official launch party in Baltimore City on July, 20th. The event will cater to the supporters and attract new fans.

Overall Damond Blue has demonstrated that he and his team at DBMG (Damond Blue Music Group, LLC) are ready and equipped to strategize and execute a marketing plan for his music.

His campaign exhibits a Broader Mindset

One of the most important pieced of the puzzle, is his ability to expand beyond Baltimore. King Los, told HipHopCleopatra, that no one can do anything good for us here, without first getting out of here. That said, it takes an open mindset and strong faith to share your talents with the rest of the world.

In my video interview, Damond Blue told me that one becomes exactly what he/she thinks about. Which is not a far cry from the foundation teachings of the law of attraction.

In this industry, artist from Baltimore are sometime disregarded, because people rather not deal with the close minded-ness of street MCs here — leaving our piece of the industry underrated. There people I said it. You got to get out of the 8×10 mentality to succeed on a national and global level.

“The people around me influenced me to become something different and to change, to always seek change and to always seek first to understand,” Blue said.

Damond Blue talks the street life because he has lived it, but what is much more respected is his ability to use those experiences and channel the energy into his music while exuding positive vibes through his image. Damond Blue is a motivational artist who sought a broader understanding of life— life outside of Baltimore’s box.

Damond Blue’s latest mixtape, Blessonz is available for download now.

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