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Does The Obama Campaign Owe @YoungJeezy For The 2008 Election Win [Video]

In the 2008 Americans elected the first Black President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.  Also in 2008 Young Jeezy’s, “My President” hit single hit the airwaves  with lyrics that would change the youth voting score forever. Today fans look forward to Jeezy’s support of the Obama movement again with another epic dedication that would help move our youth voters but Jeezy has reasons to stay out of the polictics this time around. In a recent interview with The Life Files, when ask about releasing another track to honor Obama, Jeezy has some deep kept feelings about it:

“I did [feel] a lil played and I made the song to uplift what was going on and homeboy Dennis miller and homeboy Bill O’Riley… I felt like they tried to play me like I was just [another] nigga. I was bigger than that. I am bigger than that. You couldn’t get them to go anywhere an get 20 thousand people to recite what Dennis Miller says, nobody gives a f**K what Dennis Miller says. And I actually liked the show but I don’t watch it no more.

The whole thing with Obama is I seen the Lady Gaga’s and everybody come thru the White House and I sit back and say ‘damn’ I’m really put in a lot of work and I really took a lot of time out of what I was doing to really be down with the movement and the hand wasn’t extended…”

“My President” is a chart topping single that influenced many young black voters. It peaked as #13 on the Billboard 100 Hot Rap Tracks and #53 on Billboards 100. It unified a on-going beef between two great rappers, Jeezy and Nas and even influenced the legendary Jay-Z to record a remix verse to the track, which he later revealed at Love Night Club in D.C. after Obama’s Innauguration.
Do you think Obama should have extended and invitation to Young Jeezy to be apart of the movement at the White House? Or should Jeezy just get over it?

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