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@DawnRichard Tells The Tale Of Her Heart

Dawn Richard of Diddy-Dirty Money, took over downtown Baltimore last night at the mixtape release party for her debut solo project, #ATELLTALEHEART. The private party was held at the sexy and sophisticated Milan (1000 Eastern Avenue). The entire night embodied a feel good vibe as Dawn’s support team, including her family, friends, fans.  Media interacted with one another and celebrated along side Dawns personal support team. Needless to say the event was a very intimate one.

Familiar faces such as, producer King Beatz, Lil’ Mo, Paula Campbell, Bossman, Entertainment Lawyer Paul Gardner, Baltimore Ray, and The Fab Empire were all in attendance. Everyone got a chance to listen to a few tracks from #ATELLTALEHEART as well as get a mini performance by Dawn as she danced with a few fans, friends and family.

#ATELLTALEHEART made it’s debut yesterday via Dawn’s personal blog. She told TFM staff in a short interview, that she has been working on the project for over six months and composed over 30 tracks. The mixtape cover art was designed by a New York University student showcasing Dawn’s admiration for the infamous Edgar Allan Poe. Recent releases from the mixtape include, “Broken Record” and “Vibrate.”

TFM’s own Malikka Michelle and Hiphopcleopatra had the pleasure of interviewing the humble, Dawn Richard.  As she and her family embraced our staff so warmly she gave us the spill on what the mixtape really is about.

On the title of the new EP, A tell Tale Heart:

I’m a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe, his stories were realistic in tragedy, life is not as ‘fairytalish’ as you would like it to be. Although his [poetry] it can be dark there was always a sense of hope in the end, or a lesson to be learned. A Tell Tale Heart is just that story for me. It is just to tell people no matter what I have been through, I still have the same heart beat from six years ago, I still felt what Danity Kane was for me. That’s the invite.


Hiphopcleopatra, Dawn Richard and Malikka Michelle

I’m giving you a personal invitation to what I have been going through in 15 songs.

On her feelings upon releasing her solo project:

I turned my phone off and said to GOD…(she pauses)

I didn’t know what to expect. I left it to GOD and its been received well.

On finally working on a solo project after being in a group setting for so long:

It’s a little liberating, at the end of the day I still miss my people, Kaleena is my right hand and keeps me sane…It felt good to not have someone tell me what I had to do, felt good not to hear, ‘Dawn don’t sing with this tone, or leave room for this person’. Its nice to just be able to tell the story.

On thoughts of going solo:

No. You know Puff does Bugatti Boyz but we never ask if he’s going solo. Kaleena is writing with other artist and we never ask if she is going solo. It’s just that when everyone else slept, I kept writing.


The Diddy-Dirty Money member has broken down her thoughts and emotions for her listeners in 15 emotion-filled tracks, including “Bulletproof,” a song she wrote following Hurricane Katrina. Emotion that was never writing on paper, just recorded in the booth as delivered.

Dawn is taking the opportunity to show the world who she is as an individual and this is definitely a good start. She tells TFM that her mixtape is about a number of things,including love, joy, breakdown and loss. She talks about Love not treating her right and hopeful wishes of what her life would be like. She gets deep and personal in this mixtape. Make sure you cop it.

Story written by: Hiphopcleopatra and Malikka Michelle

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