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Exclusive Interview: Dave Raps Is Bringing It Back To Where It All Started [@daverapsill]

No longer a rookie in the game,  lyricist Dave Raps gears up for the release of his latest project, “In the Valley”. The project is expected to release later this year, but not before Dave delivers his buzz single “Real Niggas” to hold us over. Produced by LV beats, the single is accompanied with a spell bounding visual.
With “Real Niggas”, Dave  may leave his listeners perplexed as the title of the song is not as literal as you may think. The title is a reminder of how carelessly rappers use the phrase “I’m a real nigga” and fail to really live it. Find out what makes Dave a real nigga.
On backpack rap and how he defines his movement.

I say Im not with that [stuff] because I feel like it can get corny. I dont wanna be put in a box as to what I can do as an artist. My movement is focused towards the dreamers — whoever they may be… I just dont want to be boxed in because a nigga like me can get claustrophobic.

 On growing musically.

I found myself musically. Before, I felt like I was experimenting a little more and seeing what I could do. I still do that because thats me, but its definitely more polished.

On what inspired the visuals for “Real Niggas”.
“Real Niggas” was just a track I came up with when I was listening to music and hearing the [phrase] “REAL NIGGAS” being used so much. Everyone claims that they’re a real nigga, so I wanted to name the track something generic so [listeners] can be like, “Oh another song using ‘Real niggas’, but then you play the song nothing about it is generic.”
On what Dave Raps hopes his fans understand from this record and its visual.
I really wanted to come hard on this track, so there would be no doubt that I got what it takes! I spent so many nights racking my brain trying to get the video right… I wanted people to watch the video and be like DAMN this [guy] is on some other s#!t..and I think I did that. 
On the future for Dave Raps and the new project, “In the valley”?
With this next project I’m really bringing it back to where this all started. I moved out to Florida when I was 15 and I met my brothers out there in Ocala. We got into some wild shit and we lived in a suburb called Sun Valley, thats why this tape is called “in the Valley”. The music on this tape will definitely stir shit up — its that good!
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