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Creek Boyz’ Secret Weapon is Soul

Creek Boyz with HipHopcleopatra

Imagine defying odds with one hit record—a goal not many artists reach, but the Creek Boyz did just that with their hit single, “With My Team”.  I sat down with the rap group during a private meet and greet hosted at DTLR Headquarters. Four members burst into the media room, poised and ready to work.
We sat at the end of a conference table. Turk P Diddy sat closest to my left, followed by ETS Breeze, Young Fedi Mula and J Reezy—each of member having their own style and persona, yet collectively a rap band with one purpose. Immediately, I understood why Fader called their hit single, “With my Team”, “beautifully hard”.
“It’s so hard, it’s so beautiful at the same time, it makes you want to bob your head and dance,” ETS Breeze told me in the interview. “It hits that feeling. That’s the beautiful part”.
The Creek Boyz hit single is undoubtedly one of the most played records of the summer, with over 30 spins weekly. Which is very rare for a newly signed rap group from Baltimore.
“I feel like [fans] felt like we brought that old school vibe back, straight up,” said Young Fedi Mula. “No doubt.”
While there are artists who only care about their own sound and leaving no room for influence when creating a unique sound, this band of hip hop geniuses, decided to go another route. They’re not afraid to bring the soul back into the music.
“We’re young with old souls,” Turk said. “You learn more from your grand parents than you learn from your parents because you grandparents know more than your parents because they taught your parents,” ETS Breeze followed up.
ETS Breeze explained, the reason why old school music is better than what we hear today, is because new music is misguiding fans in his opinion, while the old flows gave the way.
“This ain’t no mumble rap,” he said. The new style is mumble rap and this ain’t. It’s different. It’s a new feel. That’s why it sounds like that.”

The Creek Boyz hit single and unique sound immediately earned them a record deal with 300 Entertainment, making them label mates with likes of Tate Kobang, Tre Da Kid, and Young Thug. When people wonder why the Creek Boyz was signed immediately, they should know it’s because their sound does exactly what music should do, move people.
Naysayers have a lot to say about the group, doubting their abilities and loyalty to one another as a group. But, the reality is they are the hottest group right now with pandemonium wherever they go.
“I had a relative tell me that I wasn’t going to be hot unless I had a lot of money,” J Reezy said. “I don’t have the most money, but I am hotter than him. People freak out when they see us.”
The Creek Boyz recorded the single a while before they got signed and didn’t know what was about to happen when they released the record. Once the video was released it was go time for them. But, they honestly didn’t expect the record to impact the city the way it did.
“No way,” Young Fedi Mula said. “When Scoota died, we filled the void. That void needed to be filled throughout and we healed the hearts of the city after he was gone.”
The Creek Boyz recognized one of Baltimore’s fallen gems, Scoota of YBS (Up Next) as one of the most real rappers from Baltimore. They spoke on how his music touched people because he rapped about the very things that he lives by.
“Scoota gave [Baltimore] real music,” Turk said. “When he was gone that’s when the realness went away. We went back to talking about stuff that people don’t live by…Scoota rapped about real stories his music.”
This rap group recognizes what it takes to really make good music and they have no problem recognizing the greats who came before them. Soul is embedded in their music and their craft.
“The old school music brought good vibes,” ETZ Breeze said.” That’s what our music does. It get’s you through your storm,” Fedi Mula said in agreement.
Creek Boyz is gearing up to release their next single, Trap Digits. While their album is still in the works. It may be a surprise release according to Turk.
“We coming to kill the game.”
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