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HipHopCleopatra , born Brittany Leigh, is an online social media professional, that has made a career out of branding, blogging, and devloping marketing campaigns for the hip hop and entertainment industries.

In the fall of 2009, Hiphopcleopatra devloped the Beamstream.com, a online blog that started in the classroom but was maintained throughout the semeter. the mission behind this stemed from Brittany’s dream of exposing unsigned artist by following their everyday grind that brings them one step closer o achieving their dream. While the site didn’t go mainstream, the mission behind it remained just as strong and was applied to other initiatives.

HipHopCleopatra is currently a student at Towson University, maximizing on all of her resources by taking what is taught in the classroom and applying it to her everyday career. In 2010, Brittany sought out an internship that would later land her the position as a Social Media Director for Task Force Marketing and New Media Group, LLC. Under the TFM umbrella, Hiphopcleopatra launched the ultimate mege of professional journalism and contemporary online media called, TFM OUT LOUD. The site TFMOUTLOUD.com offers its readers the most accurate information on celebrity gossip, urban and pop music updates, and exclusive interviews on your favorite artist, while maintaining the key points of professional journalism and allowing the art of discussion.

In 2011, Hiphopleopatra was offered the opportunity to spread her Unsigned HYPE section of TFM OUT Loud to a two hour segment on WPB Radio. The Radio show is called Next Level Radio, featuring Hiphopcleopatra and Da Professional,  launched Feb. 21, 2011 and is expected to reel in a huge audience.

With the dream of writing her own success story, HipHopCleopatra strives to be the best in online social media. Currently pursuing opportunities in broadcast journalism and online social media amd marketing.

I am very much focused on being a professional writer with the opportunity to self publish. The idea of broadcast has shifted toward another major medium, the internet. Today anyone can broadcast and publish any form of media (print, audio and video) and beam it directly to viewers at home.

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