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Content is King, Your Director is a Queen: An Exclusive Interview with Abeni Nazeer

Abeni Nazeer

Abeni Nazeer, 26-year-old director, and filmmaker.

Baltimore is bustling with a growing music culture that includes some brave new talent. The content being pushed out of the city is impressive as creators continue to make a name for themselves in this industry, proving Baltimore to be a solid market with incredible artists.

It’s no secret that Baltimore is making some noise on the mainstream radar as artists such as Zheep, Lor Myddie, YG Teck and Bandhunta Izzy continue to do numbers on YouTube and the blogs. The leading marketing vehicle is video—making the demand for music videos and marketing films higher. Naturally, the role of a solid videographer or filmmaker because increasingly important.

I had the pleasure of talking to 26-year-old Abeni Nazeer who is a successful female director/filmmaker, born in Michigan, but a native of Baltimore. Abeni is the head of her own film company and provides an opportunity for her younger siblings to learn the trade and nurture their talents.

Abeni Nazeer directing

Abeni Nazeer directing

In the interview, Abeni Nazeer shares with me her experience as the leading female director, what motivates her, tips for upcoming talent and why content is so important in today’s industry. Check out the interview below.

What motivates you and what feeds your creativity?
People who tell me,“ I’m not possible,” and “l have to change”, people who don’t believe in me motivate me. My family motivates me because it’s so many of us. l just want to get rich so we can all eat. l can’t wait to be influential enough to change other people lives outside of my family.

What were some of the lessons you learned in your career?
l learned that investing in your self is very important. No one will do you like you. Invest your all, don’t sell yourself short. You know your worth. Don’t be scared to spend money. The more you spend on yourself, your brand, the bigger the pay off will be.

What was it like being the only female director on the Baltimore Hip Hop scene?
Being a female director of the Baltimore Hip Hop scene is unique because many girls don’t play such a needed, upfront role— a mandatory role. My city’s Hip Hop industry is full of men and driven by men, so it feels great to contribute some estrogen. The city named me Baltimore’s Princess. The guys respect me. The ladies respect me for creating a lane for us.

Was it harder or easier for you filming as a woman?
Being a woman in this industry has ups and downs. Honestly, when you have good customer service, you’ll have a happy client no matter what sex you are. lt can be harder because you have to do a little more to Prove yourself.

In your experience, why is are videos so important in today’s climate of content creation?
Great content can give people a different perspective on different topics. Watching video is more fun than reading a newspaper. It’s the most effective and popular way to distribute media. It’s the most appealing because of it stimulants more emotion.

What advice would you give to new up and coming directors trying to build their business?
Don’t cut every corner. Don’t be afraid to put Money and time behind your work.

How is your work ethic on set?
When I’m on set, there’s is so much going through my head all at once. l always want everything to be so perfect, just to later see a million mistakes l would have corrected. (She laughs) I’m never satisfied. l always think my work can better, so on set, l may be chasing that perfection.

What made you transition from music videos to films?
I’ve always done both simultaneously. ln my city, music videos are in higher demand because they are a lot of artists who need visuals. My job is to make them look great. So that’s what I’ve been doing, but this year, (2018) you will see way more film work for me and my company.

What can we look forward to from Abeni Nazeer 2018?
You will see an all [female] film crew created by me. Comret rebela: smart sexy radical women at work, getting along, uplifting each other and making money together.

For the music industry in Baltimore to come full circle, artists must team up with powerful content creators and marketers who will bring added value to their brand. We live in a world of social influencer, the land of digital media and without the best in content creation, such as Abeni Nazeer, you risk falling behind.

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