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3 Reasons Your Album Marketing Budget is Better Spent Online

Infographic: The Internet Trumps Radio in Music Discovery | Statista

It’s no secret that the music industry is changing as digital music giants like Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and now Tidal, create new avenues for marketing and distributing new music. Digital marketing and media has created a space where musicians can easily push their art inexpensively, which is far from the extensive budgets we once saw when printing CDs was all the hype.

That said, marketers are constantly thinking of new ways to reorganize budgets and cut spending when it comes to pushing new music in the urban markets because music file piracy issues and streaming services are changing the way we consume music, it just doesn’t make sense to purchase 1000+ hardcopies of your music and sell them anymore. Here’s why:

In today’s game, it’s where fans spend their money that should interest up-and-coming musicians. If you’re looking for the best way to spend your marketing budget to push your next project, then consider the following three reasons it’s better to invest in digital music sales and distribution over traditional marketing routes.

The Smartphone Addict: Mobile is Where Your Audience Is

It turns out that the traditional method for marketing music is losing its pull, and as with other consumer trends, individuals are turning to the online marketplace to find and purchase the music they love. Take for example, music-streaming giant, Spotify’s switch to mobile. Spotify discovered that 52% of their listeners were listening from mobile devices and tablets, not desktop. Which is why Tech Crunch suggests that Apple and Google are interested in the streaming music wave – it could bring more consumers to IOS and Android as mobile is where they listen.

Between 2011 and 2012 revenue from music subscription services rose from 650 million to over 1 billion dollars. This is a hug market that major players in the music industry cannot ignore. And because most of these consumers are using their mobile phone to find and download music, this is a market you cannot ignore either.

Consider making your music available on streaming services, major websites and music apps a priority for your distribution and marketing expenses. If your music isn’t available on these platforms it is likely that you cut your chances of discovery.

Apps Such as Spinrella & DatPiff Lead the Market for Indie Artist Discovery

Sites such as LiveMixtapes.com and Datpiff have provided indie artist a platform to rank in the digital space for years. However, a new sheriff is in town, Spinrella. Spinrella is gaining popularity rapidly because they have the mobile side on lock. Simply put, their app is better.

Today’s music aficionados jump online to discover new music instead of relying on distributors to introduce them, that started when mixtapes and free music became the driver for urban music. But, since mobile apps have been the leader in publishing and streaming music, Spinrella is killing the game with is much more user –friendly app, that doesn’t require a log-in to listen to music. Mobile marketing budgets that target these and similar apps have a better chance of succeeding altogether.

Subscription Services Like Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal  Drive Fan Discovery

As more Americans discover music online than through radio or cds. This translates into a 12% increase in online discovery from 2010. Subscription services like Spotify, Tidal and now Apple Music have directly contributed to this increase.

If you want to make the most of marketing your music then consider an internet marketing strategy. Digital music sales are the future of all music, so getting familiar with this outlet is imperative for any career in the industry.

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